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Hello everyone, my name is nita and I am currently working as internal auditor in insurance company. did anyone have the audit program for insurance company because i need it to assist me in completing the audit project, Thank you..
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Shared By: nitanabilla
Date: September 8, 2021
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  1. Hi, may i know which part of the audit programme are you looking at? Taking the entire audit programme as a whole might be a bit too broad.

    Maybe you can start with what kind of audit engagement you are performing? (Underwriting, claims, etc..) Then we can start from there.

    1. Hi thank for your respond, yeah sorry i forgot to explained more detail , because this year my company will focused on underwriting process so i think its goes first

      1. You can start with the respective processes within Underwriting, which typically consists of but are not limited to:
        1. On boarding
        2. Know your customer (KYC)
        3. Risk rating the customer based on provided info (health, gender, etc)
        4. Pricing the policy based on the customer’s risk profile.
        5. Issuance of the policy.

        After identifying the processes, you then proceed to identify the risks for each process, and then the corresponding controls to mitigate each risk. The identification of such controls will form the basis of your testing.

        Hope this helps.

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