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Audit Program for Insurance company

Hello everyone, my name is nita and I am currently working as internal auditor in insurance company. did anyone have the audit program for insurance company because i need it to assist me in completing the audit project, Thank you..

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Internal Audit Programme Trade Unions

Reposting this request on behalf of our community member Kegomoditswe who is looking for an audit program for a Trade Union.

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IT Audit Plan Template

Reposting this on behalf of our community member Erin who is looking for an IT Audit Plan template. Can anyone chip in?

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Vendor Evaluation

Posting this on behalf of our community member Kush: I am conducting a supply chain audit. Part of the audit scope is to check whether vendor evaluation is done as per the defined SOP. My client has provided me with the vendor rating report from SAP. I want some working files of other audits so that I can get a reference as to how I should conduct the audit.

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Self Assessment for ICFR

Hi all, Has anyone seen companies using any self assessment checklist for internal control over financial reporting? Would appreciate some inside on this. Thanks

Open Resource Requests

Request: Audits Dashboard

Dear Internal Auditors,

I am looking for a dashboard to include all the audit progress in it, this would be very beneficial in monitoring the progress of the audits, tracking the different phases, and even monitoring any possible change in the risks or audit program.
Does anyone have some dashboard where the manager of the audit teams can monitor the progress and get signals about how its going.

Thank you all in advance.


Audit Planning

Internal Audit in Privately Held Companies

I was wondering how does an internal audit function in a privately held company is different than public listed (other than SOX)? What would be the job scope and typical team size of Internal audit in a privately held company looks like?

Audit Programs

Audit Program


My name is Thabang, I would to request a newly adequate audit program for review of financial statement in the public sector

Audit Programs

Social Media Audit

Does any one have an audit program focusing on auditing a company’s presence in Social Media? If so could you please share. thank you

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