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Resource Requests

Post audit work

Hello everyone, I am looking for anyone to explaine me the post audit work after sending the final report.

Thank you

Resource Requests

Performance Management Audit Program

Good day,

I am kindly asking for your help with a Performance Management Audit Program and also for Contract Management.

Thank you.

Resource Requests

SOX – Mapping Accounts-Risk- Assertions – Controls

Hello – I would like to understand how other companies map accounts-risk-assertions to controls. When I look at the Financial Statements I would like to see which accounts have the SOX key controls and which assertions are covered? If our SOX management is completely manual (i.e. no SOX or Compliance systems), and excel based, what format would work? I am looking for some information outside of the RACM (Risk and Control Matrix) and Process Flows.

Resource Requests

Guest Auditor Program

Hello everyone! I am looking for examples of an Internal Audit Guest Auditor Progrma, including a Guest Auditor Feedback Form. Hope anyone can help me out on this.

Thank you!

Resource Requests
Ana Karen

Segregation of duties

Hi Everyone! I am looking for examples of SOD matrix and rules for Treasury cycle.

Resource Requests

Risk Control Matrices

Are there examples of risk control matrices for different areas within this website? If not, that would be a great resource.

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