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Resource Requests

Let’s Create a List of Remote Audit Tools & Resources!

Hi all,

In the spirit of the Successful Remote Internal Audits community event, please share tools and resources you find really helpful in remote internal audits here. Add them as comments and I’ll compile them in a spreadsheet and attach it here.

Add your favorite tool(s) / resource(s) along with a brief description of what you use them for and why they’re really helpful. You can also indicate if it’s a free resource or a paid one if you like (but it’s not required).

Let’s get the brainstorming started!

Resource Requests

Remote Internal Audit

This document highlights some key aspects to take into consideration to successfully execute remote audits

Resource Requests

Internal Audit in Privately Held Companies

I was wondering how does an internal audit function in a privately held company is different than public listed (other than SOX)? What would be the job scope and typical team size of Internal audit in a privately held company looks like?

Resource Requests

Audit Tracker

Hello- Looking for a template to track outstanding audit findings

Resource Requests

Audit Program


My name is Thabang, I would to request a newly adequate audit program for review of financial statement in the public sector

Resource Requests

Social Media Audit

Does any one have an audit program focusing on auditing a company’s presence in Social Media? If so could you please share. thank you

Resource Requests


I am looking for Audit Rating methodology material.

Resource Requests

Casino Auditing

I am an Internal Auditor for a Tribal Casino and I would love to connect with more Casino auditors and perhaps exchange materials and techniques. I want to be the best that I can be especially as I am about to hire a junior auditor beneath me.

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