Agile Auditing: The Benefits and Lessons Learned

Karl Sousa, a Director of Corporate Audit based out of Portugal, will start a knowledge exchange by sharing his experience on the topic of agile auditing. This is the plan for the community event:


  • What is agile auditing?
  • Lessons learned from scaling up agile auditing and realizing the benefits.
  • Building the capabilities from different angles.
  • How to industrialize the agile audit journey through a strong strategy framework, solid governance, and creation of an environment in support of change.
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Karl Sousa is the Director of Corporate Audit at Philip Morris International, where he leads the global market assurance and the department’s overall organizational strategies. He is PAL-1 and PSM-1 certified, and focuses on building consumer-centric, data-driven, and project-based agile organizations powered by technology.


He has over 25 years of professional experience in diverse functions and different countries, and previously served as Head of Finance for all organizations of Philip Morris International in Brazil and the UK.

Auditopia’s Virtual Community Events are designed to be active and engaging, allowing for peer-to-peer learning among members.  By only sharing your first name and industry, you can be assured that learning and communicating happens in a safe environment.  Each event is limited to 100 participants. See you online!


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