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Recording: How Internal Audit Can Shape Organizations' Cultures

It’s time for internal auditors to make a difference in the culture of our organizations! 


Join us to interact with a great panel consisting of Wade Chumney, Associate Professor of Business Ethics & Law at California State University, Kami Nuttall, a seasoned internal audit professional, culture consultant and founder of Culture Lab Consultancy, and Lea John, Senior Manager Internal Audit at BDO UK.


This session will center around

  • The main factors contributing to “ethics red flags” in organizations today
  • What to look out for in your audits
  • How you can have a positive impact on your organization’s culture.

You can network with other internal auditors interested in this topic and share your perspectives in the Business Ethics & Organizational Culture collaboration group. The slide deck is also available there. 

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About Wade Chumney


Wade is an Associate Professor of Business Ethics and Law at California State University, Northridge with over 16 years experience teaching business ethics to graduate and undergraduate students. The primary focus of Wade’s research and teaching is the practical application of business ethics. He has a forthcoming textbook: Conscious (Business) Ethics: The Practical Guide to Virtue Ethics, which presents a practical understanding of how to apply the principles of virtue ethics in order to benefit your own life.



About Kami Nuttall


Kami is a Chartered and Certified Internal Auditor Leader. She founded Culture Lab Consultancy which helps leaders increase organization value by being deliberate and conscious about organization culture. Culture that is inclusive, psychologically safe and enables people to safely speak up. Using well established culture frameworks to assess your organization’s baseline culture, she helps you get under the surface of your organization and provides key insights into your culture practices, supporting leadership teams and internal audit functions, helping you reach your ideal culture.



About Lea John


Lea is a Senior Internal Audit Manager for BDO LLP and a Chartered Internal Auditor. With a special interest in all things corporate governance, Lea has in excess of 18 years’ experience of leading on outsourced internal audit on a range of governance, risk and control issues and supporting the development of the next generation of internal auditors.


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