How Internal Audit Can Shape Organizations' Cultures

It’s time for internal auditors to make a difference in the culture at our organizations! In this session, we will discuss the main types of ethics “red flags” that exist within organizations today, such as:


  • Disingenuous Leaders
  • Suspect Accounting Processes
  • Aggressive Incentives & Compensation
  • (Un)Ethics & Technology

You will leave this event knowing exactly what to look for during your engagements and which levers to pull.

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Amanda “Jo” Erven, CPA, CIA, CFE, is the President and Founder of Audit. Consulting. Education. LLC. After a successful career in external/internal audit and accounting, Jo is now an active internal audit strategist, ethics and culture consultant, higher education professor, author, and trainer/speaker.


Jo’s motto says the most about her personal and professional outlook: “Good things come to those who wait… but don’t. You deserve better than good.” Every one of her books and presentations focuses on that proactive stance, and how we can immediately connect our actions to our values.


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