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I'm the Lead Auditor, Now What?

Community members will gain valuable insight into the process to lead, plan, conduct and report an internal audit for the first time.


We’ll discuss:

  • Professional responsibility
  • Team leadership
  • How to plan for an audit and conduct field work
  • How to execute a final report

This event is relevant for new and established internal audit team leads.

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    Ed McCaulley (CPA, MBA, JD) has over 25 years of experience driving insightful risk management within financial service companies of all sizes. He is the founder of Keystone Consulting LLC, a boutique consulting firm dedicated to providing world-class internal audit, enterprise risk management, operational risk management, and consulting services.


    Jamie Chamberlain is a Certified Internal Auditor at a financial institution in Virginia. After obtaining her certification, Jamie built the internal audit department from the ground up. Passionate about internal auditing, Jamie focuses not only on providing assurance but also on being an internal source for recommendations and implementation plans.

    Auditopia’s Virtual Community Events are designed to be active and engaging, allowing for peer-to-peer learning among members.  By only sharing your first name and industry, you can be assured that learning and communicating happens in a safe environment.  Each event is limited to 100 participants. See you online!


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    Where should we spend most time? Have we missed any important aspect in the outline of the session?



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