Real-Time Risk Management

In this participatory event, we will be covering the concept of Enterprise Risk Governance, Internal Audit’s role in supporting organizations through independent assurance and risk advisory services, and the importance of the three lines of defense operating in tandem to effectively address enterprise risks. 


We’ll discuss: 

  • What does Independent Enterprise Risk Governance within Internal Audit entail?
  • How can audit, risk, and compliance functions support organizations through real-time risk management?
  • How to manage risk preemptively following the three lines of defense model?
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Charles Joseph has led the Technology Internal Audit & Risk Advisory team at VMware Inc since 2015. Prior to this role, Charles worked with PwC across four offices globally on SOX compliance, 3rd party assurance, IT and internal controls optimization needs.


Charles has an educational background in Accounting & Information Technology and holds an MBA in Business Leadership & Consulting including a PhD (ABD) in Organizational Behavior & Leadership from SUNY Binghamton.


Charles is passionate about enterprise risk, audit innovation and mentoring and serves on the board of the IIA San Jose Chapter where he also served in the capacity of President from 2018-2020. 

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