MERCHANTS: Learning Effective And Practical Negotiation Skills

Learn goal-oriented negotiation and communication skills.

MERCHANTS’ gamified storyline is set in 15th century Venice. The learner plays the role of Carlo Vecchio, a young merchant whose mission is to become the greatest merchant of his time while being mentored by Leonardo da Vinci or Machiavelli.


MERCHANTS is a unique learning experience based on a simulator that recreates six real cases of negotiations in which students apply their skills to negotiate, communicate a proposal effectively, and resolve conflicts.


You will receive a certificate of completion and MERCHANTS counts for 12 CPE hours.

Why Merchants?

  • Useful content. Leadership, negotiation, time management, personal productivity, and customer service. Skills with a direct impact
  • Gamification techniques such as storytelling, badges, and levels to generate engagement. Rankings and challenges to increase motivation in the participant
  • Sophisticated simulators representing real situations. Safe environment for the employee to practice and receive feedback for improvement

The employee receives individual feedback on their procedures from a unique mentor directly in the simulation. With this multidimensional programming, the participant effectively improves their skills during each simulation scene. This allows you and your employees to achieve a steep learning curve and the opportunity to put what you have learned into practice.

MERCHANTS is currently available in the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, and Dutch.

Characteristics of the Gamified Training:

  • Game-based didactic methods
  • Applicable and practical content on interpersonal communication skills
  • Results-oriented learning with revolutionary gamification technologies
  • Simulations for experience-based learning
  • Flexible, intuitive to use, fast, and easy to train
  • An exciting gamification storyline that facilitates targeted and experiential learning
  • A unique learning experience


The developed, game-based learning method is a combination of three elements:


  • High-quality content equivalent to a two-day, on-site course with a strong, practical focus that is useful and directly applicable to the work
  • The use of gamification techniques in terms of storytelling, ranking motivation, scoring, different learning and game levels, and incentives through recognition and awards. This makes the training a motivating and exciting learning experience, which directly promotes the intrinsic motivation to learn alongside your employees

Practical exercises that allow you as a participant to practice directly in a safe and motivating environment and to implement the practical knowledge. You will receive detailed feedback in the form of individual learning loops

Knowledge and Skills

Course Section I: Understanding

Case: Resolve a Client Conflict

  • The fundamentals of a negotiation
  • Keys to building trust
  • How to avoid common mistakes

Course Section II: Information and Interests

Case: Negotiate a Sensitive Political Agreement

  • Strategies to obtain information
  • Determining objectives and clarifying interests

Course Section III: Flexibility

Case: Secure a Business Loan

  • Focusing on interests vs. positions
  • Introducing “magic” variables to increase the size of the pie

Course Section IV: Criteria and Procedures

Case: Negotiate a Joint Venture

  • How to use anchor points that satisfy your interests
  • Managing variables during the bargaining phase
  • 6 essential rules to concessions
  • Employing objective criteria and procedures

Course Section V: Communication

Case: Negotiation Between Sovereign Nations.

  • Checklist to prepare for your negotiation
  • Keys to communicating and presenting your proposal

Course Section VI: Review

Case: Hire a Highly Regarded Manager

  • Extensive review and application of all you have learned

What Are the Requirements to Get Started?

  • The only thing you need to get started is a device with internet access.
  • You can access our performance-optimized business game platform at any time from anywhere in the world via your individual user profile or integrate the business game training into your LMS (Cornerstone, Moodle, SAP Success Factors, etc.).
  • You will receive regular reports on the progress of your participants and training groups. This allows you to always have an overview of how everyone is doing and motivate your team in a goal-oriented manner.


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