ROUTE-321: Gamified Training On Effective Change Management

Learn the key skills and methods necessary to actively create and manage change.

Throughout the different levels of training, ROUTE-321 fosters effective learning by enabling you, as a participant, to practice the key skills required to design and support processes of change.


In doing so, the training illustrates key solutions as you move through the following stages of change:


  • Change sets in
  • Overcoming the internal resistance that binds you to the past
  • Accepting the current reality
  • Adapting quickly and effectively to the new reality

Step by step, we guide you to effective change management using case studies and simulations. Train your problem-solving skills in a targeted manner and gain knowledge in the positive design of changes in your professional and private everyday life.


You will receive a certificate of completion and ROUTE-321 counts for 5 CPE hours.

Gamification Storyline:

In this Serious Business Game, you and your employees train how to proactively deal with change. You will be provided with a range of change management methods to cope with new situations in the best possible way.


Take on the role of the main protagonist, Milo Bernal. Milo has his own bus company, but it is taken over by a multinational corporation. After the takeover, the new management offers him a job as a driver. Will he succeed in realigning his life?


ROUTE-321 is currently available in the following languages: English, German, French, and Spanish.


Characteristics of the Gamified Training:

  • Game-based didactic methods
  • Applicable and practical content on interpersonal communication skills
  • Results-oriented learning with revolutionary gamification technologies
  • Simulations for experience-based learning
  • Flexible, intuitive to use, fast, and easy to train
  • An exciting gamification storyline that facilitates targeted and experiential learning
  • A unique learning experience


The developed, game-based learning method is a combination of three elements:


  • High-quality content equivalent to a two-day, on-site course with a strong, practical focus that is useful and directly applicable to the work
  • The use of gamification techniques in terms of storytelling, ranking motivation, scoring, different learning and game levels, and incentives through recognition and awards. This makes the training a motivating and exciting learning experience, which directly promotes the intrinsic motivation to learn alongside your employees

Practical exercises that allow you as a participant to practice directly in a safe and motivating environment and to implement the practical knowledge. You will receive detailed feedback in the form of individual learning loops

Knowledge and Skills

With the help of realistic simulations and characters in the Serious Business Game ROUTE-321, this training succeeds in effectively imparting knowledge. The gamified training elements simulate a systematic, didactic learning process.

This enables you and your employees to practice, as participants, the most important skills and concepts necessary to find the best and most appropriate solutions.


● Practice a proactive attitude toward change.
● Learn how to deal with the emotions that arise during a process of change.
● Identify the obstacles that hold you to the past and find the key to overcome them.
● Recognize the opportunities that change presents to accept the reality of your life.
● Learn the tools you can use to develop new routines and easily adapt to your life’s new reality.


Additional integrated skills for learning in the Serious Business Game:


● Issue focus, initiative, innovation and creativity, work-life balance, and organization
● Self-confidence, self-awareness, self-control, analytical thinking, decision-making skills, and conflict management

Objectives | Why ROUTE-321?

ROUTE-321 is addressed to all professional profiles, especially to those who want to find out how to face an unwanted change in an effective way. It explores the different phases we go through and demonstrates how to manage them to adapt more effectively. The training is applicable and useful in both professional and personal settings. Thanks to this course, you will:


  • Learn to manage your emotional response to change
  • Recognize and learn how to deal with different forms of resistance to change
  • Learn to identify opportunities and focus on the positive
  • Uncover the barriers that hold you back and find the key to overcoming them
  • Acquire tools to support you in times of change no matter the situation

What Are the Requirements to Get Started?

  • The only thing you need to get started is a device with internet access.
  • You can access our performance-optimized business game platform at any time from anywhere in the world via your individual user profile or integrate the business game training into your LMS (Cornerstone, Moodle, SAP Success Factors, etc.).
  • You will receive regular reports on the progress of your participants and training groups. This allows you to always have an overview of how everyone is doing and motivate your team in a goal-oriented manner.


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