Integrated Audit Checklist

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Looking for an example of an integrated auditing checklist
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Shared By: Cody
Date: March 23, 2021
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  1. Hi Abdel not looking at items for an external Audit. As explained in the IIA guidance “An integrated audit differs from a non-integrated audit in terms of scope and overall complexity. A traditional audit and an integrated audit differ in scope and depth and breadth of coverage. For example, a traditional audit may focus on financial or operational aspects while an integrated audit will take a more global approach that looks at several aspects including, but not limited to, financial, operational, IT, regulatory, compliance, environmental, and fraud.

    I am wondering if anyone has developed or created a checklist they utilize for the integrated audit approach.

  2. Hi Cody, could you please be more specific? An integrated audit refers to the audit that an External CPA firm would perform on the financials of a company and and its system of controls over financial reporting. Do you need that type of a checklist? What I can share with you is a link to an internal audit planning checklist, but unfortunately I do not have any integrated audit checklist Hope it helps.

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