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Hi all, In the spirit of the Successful Remote Internal Audits community event, please share tools and resources you find really helpful in remote internal audits here. Add them as comments and I'll compile them in a spreadsheet and attach it here. Add your favorite tool(s) / resource(s) along with a brief description of what you use them for and why they're really helpful. You can also indicate if it’s a free resource or a paid one if you like (but it's not required). Let's get the brainstorming started!
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Shared By: Nick
Date: June 12, 2021
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  1. Arctic Intelligence (paid) – a number of financial crime related risk assessment and healthcheck tools (anti bribery, fraud, anti-money laundering etc.) that can be used for audit purposes incl. human trafficking and illicit wildlife trade risks – replaces all those excel spreadsheets and the results can be shared online or through reports. I can demo on my screen to anyone interested please just message me.

    File store/share – Smartvault – secure bank grade cloud based

    Data analytics – Microsoft Power BI incl. presentation/sharing.

  2. Here are some additional tools and tips I got on my LinkedIn post as comments: to transcribe the conversations. Saves so much time when taking notes or writing narratives. It does live transcriptions.

    -Prepare an agenda and share with the team at least 24 hrs before the call, this helps to keep the discussion on track and allows people to know what the discussion points will be so everybody will prepare for the call. Also that helps to add people to the invite that really need to be during the discussion.

    – Video call tool is the most helpful. We use it for meetings and will test it for vitual tours and observations on the shop floor and warehouse. We use MS Teams and Webex.

    1. Few more remote audit tools used (copying from AuditWithoutWalls)
      Pocket WiFi
      Slido (
      Sharing presentation with audience before video conference.

  3. Communication – Email, Zoom
    Documentation – EWP
    File sharing – Google Drive, Telegram
    Planning and Analytics – IDEA, Excel, Tableau
    Network – Intranet, VPN, Filezilla

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