Our Principles

For internal auditors. By internal auditors.

Our Principles

The Auditopia team is centered around real-live internal audit professionals that believe in continuous learning and the power of tapping into our collective knowledge. Let’s learn together, collaborate, and add value to our organizations. To help you navigate, here are our community principles:

Safe Space

By joining the Auditopia community, you pledge confidentiality. We typically go with the first name only when engaging on the platform and the virtual events and by keeping what’s discussed here confidential, everyone is able to share honestly and openly.

Giving & Sharing

When you share your perspectives, best practices, and templates, others don’t have to reinvent the wheel. And you’re encouraged to borrow liberally, too, so you can build on the best of what your peers have already done!


We’re all lifelong learners, and are inspired by the concept of Kaizen—the Japanese philosophy of continuous, never ending improvement. To that end, we ask for an open mind and the belief that anything can be improved, no matter how good it already is today.

How you can get involved

Join a collaboration group to network with other professionals on the group’s specialty. Be proactive by starting discussions and sharing your experience, this is key for a lively exchange.

Together we’re stronger! You can either share your checklists, audit programs, and other helpful templates in one of the collaboration groups. Or you can email them to us (info at auditopia dot com), and we’ll make them freely available to everyone in our Resources section of the platform.

Come up as an expert speaker or panelist in one of our future virtual events. This is a great way to share your knowledge with everyone, build your professional network, and make a name for yourself among peers. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss further.

The more engaged community members we have on here, the better the networking and learning opportunities for everyone. Help us get the word out by bringing along your colleagues and sharing our posts on social media.

About Auditopia

Auditopia is a learning and collaboration platform for internal auditors. We tap into our collective knowledge by sharing resources and engaging in virtual community events and collaboration groups. We also offer access to a growing catalog of recorded events and cutting-edge gamified trainings.

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