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is your ia world class

Is your Internal Audit World-Class? (eBook)

How do you assess the effectiveness of your internal audit function? How do you know whether it is world-class?

Norman Marks, a retired Chief Audit Executive, thought leader, and author, tackles this question in a short book that focuses on two tools that he highly recommends.


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world class ia

World-Class Internal Audit (eBook)

This book is about the professional experiences that shaped Norman and led him to be acknowledged by audit committees, company executives, and his peers as the leader of world-class internal audit teams. 


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tech risk

Making Business Sense of Technology Risk (eBook)

If you look at any survey of the top risks facing organizations, you will find technology-related risks (such as cyber and disruptive technologies) among those cited as being of greatest concern. In this eBook, Norman discusses ways to consider how the possibility of technology failures (and opportunities) should affect decision-making, both strategic and tactical.


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rm in plain english

Risk Management in Plain English (eBook)

Why is risk management so often a review of what might go wrong? Norman Marks suggests that this ‘doom management’ approach should be replaced with ‘success management’.


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risk ebook

Risk Management for Success (eBook)

Traditional risk management programs focus on managing and mitigating harms – in other words, on avoiding failure. But survey after survey tell us this approach is not convincing executives and boards that risk management is helping them achieve their objectives.


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Auditing that Matters (eBook)

Auditing that matters provides practical advice from an experienced chief audit executive (CAE) who is considered one of the most influential global thought leaders in the internal audit profession.


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worldclass rm

World-Class Risk Management (eBook)

What is world-class risk management? Why do so many top executives and board members have difficulty seeing how enterprise risk management makes a positive contribution to the success of the organization?


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OPS1 - Audit Work Program - Social Media - IN v2

Social Media Audit Work Program (OPS1)

About this template This template is structured similar to an audit file; incorporating audit planning, fieldwork and reporting into the one document. Within this excel …

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AFM6 - Action Tracker -IN v2

Action Tracker (AFM6)

About this templateThis template offers an excel database to record all audit findings and recommendations. A simple dashboard has been included which summarises the results …

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AFM4 - Internal Audit Manual - English - IN v2

Internal Audit Manual (English) (AFM4)

About this templateInternal Audit teams should be operating in compliance with the International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF) and the International Standards for the Professional Practice …

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CC5 - Key Controls Set - IN v2

Key Controls – Complete Set

About this templateThis set includes the following controls programs: Finance Key Controls IT General Controls / IT Key Controls Entity Level Controls Each template includes …

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Annual Planning Template Set - v2

Annual Planning – Complete Set

Annual Planning Templates – Complete Set What are you getting here? We have developed a range of Annual Planning templates, covering everything across the planning …

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AFM7 - Audit Database v2

Audit Database Tool (AFM7)

Audit Database About this toolSmall audit functions often do not have the budget to afford end to end GRC tools and systems. This can make …

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Internal Audit Template Set v2

Internal Audit Templates – Complete Set

Set of templates to aid the planning, fieldwork, and reporting stage of your audit.

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