Action Tracker (AFM6)






About this template
This template offers an excel database to record all audit findings and recommendations. A simple dashboard has been included which summarises the results of the audit recommendation / action tracker database, meaning the dashboard can be copied and pasted straight into your audit committee and management reporting decks.

The database is comprehensive, meaning a range of information will be captured for each audit recommendation. This will help audit teams to perform a range of analysis and insights, allowing them to provide more detailed reporting.

Things to be careful about
This template has been designed so that is can be easily applied to many audit departments and also suit a range of action tracking follow up processes, however some components of this may need to change. My Audit Spot is able to customise this template, or even offer a walkthrough on how to use the template for an hourly fee. Please contact us for further assistance and a quote.

Please be careful of the formula’s within the template. Editing these may impact on the dashboard reporting.


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