Social Media Audit Work Program (OPS1)




About this template

This template is structured similar to an audit file; incorporating audit planning, fieldwork and reporting into the one document. Within this excel document is an audit work program. The audit work program includes the following:

  • Audit objectives
  • Risks
  • Risk factors
  • Controls
  • Tests

This audit work program has been built for a typical social media function, and considers social media governance, campaign effectiveness, management reporting and system access. Please note, this audit program is focused on the use of social media by the marketing team, not the social media policy which would be applicable to team members.


Things to be careful about

This is a generic audit program. You should ensure you perform proper planning and a detailed risk assessment before using this template. This template should then be modified to suit your organisation and based on the results of planning to ensure that it is fit and appropriate for your organisation.


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