Recorded Event Audit Automation

Recap: Audit Automation—Drive Your Teams' Digital Transformation

Automation enables your team to focus on high-risk areas within your company and helps reduce repetitive work. Join us for a session where you can benefit from real-life, simple automation cases without the need for sophisticated tools to automate your operational audits and SOX testing. 


In this Virtual Community Event on April 28, 2021, we discussed:

  • The trends that are transforming Internal Audit functions
  • The importance of foundational analytics and data analysis
  • Transforming the way we conduct audits by automating workflows and periodic procedures.

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You can download the slide deck here.

Kamlesh Korat has over 15 years of experience in implementing innovative data analytics solutions and corresponding data management processes across multiple industries. He is one of the founding partners at Logic Pursuits, a technology consulting firm specialized in providing best-in-class data analytics and automation services for risk, compliance, and internal audit functions.



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